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WorldCycle (2002-2003)
From Paris to Paris, diary of a one year travel around the globe.
The outsiders.

We have come across a number of people on our trip, and we will meet many more. Some people we simply met along the way, and some were insane enough to cycle part of the way with us. Meet the big happy family!

Arcachon - Hendaye (August 15-18, 2002)

When Johannes came back from the shower, he found a big tent next to his with 3 scummy bastards devouring in a most unsociable manner a colourful tinned duck casserole. For reasons contradicting the most strict laws of logic, Johannes quite enjoyed our humour and company, and decided to cycle with us to Hendaye.
Johannes, an 18 year-old student from the outskirts of Frankfurt, was doing an Interrail trip around France, travelling with his bike. It was great to have him with us, from Arcachon to Hendaye, roughly 240 km. Together we saw the highest Dune in Europe, bodysurfed on the wild Atlantic waves and beat our stage distance record on a 160km stretch from Mimizan to Hendaye. Ve hope, thatt you a good time had have.

Delphine Lumb
San Sebastian - Soria (August 21-28, 2002)

This delightful lady has the honour of being nothing less than Stefan's sister, which she carries with uncovered pride. Between a sailing trip to Croatia and a year in Brazil that she hopes to begin in September, nothing could fit in better than a week with us in Spain, on a bicycle . Delphine met up with us by train in San Sebastian on August 21st, and cycled over 300km with us to Soria (August 28th). She endured the mountains, the miles, the strict minimum level of comfort and our outrageous bodily odours with indisputable courage. Thanks for coming!

Michaela Michaela Brizova
Berlanga de Duero - Madrid (August 28-31, 2002)

We met Michaela a few days after we left San Sebastian, on a sunny road through the fields. As we cycled past, she smiled and waved at us, so we stopped and had a chat. We got on very well, so she decided to come along to Madrid with us. Michaela is a sociology student in Barcelona. She is really sweet, and she has many talents, cooking being one of them. She integrated perfectly into our little trio. 4 people in the tent was a bit tight but we made it alright...

San Sebastian (August 20-23, 2002)

Eneko is a passionate Basque, open minded, with a fantastic way with people and a warm heart. We met him in the San Sebastian hostel, where he worked at reception in the evenings. As we launched one of our international group karaoke sessions in the hostal kitchen, Eneko was torn between the temptation to sing along with us and the necessity to throw us out of the hostel after 10pm. He finally made it, using our guilt as a weapon rather than brute authority. The next evening, sitting on the seafront, we sang until late, and as a present Eneko gave us his Spanish songbook, Canciones entre Amigos. Thanks a lot Eneko, it was great to know you! Good luck in San Sebastian...